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WHAT? Created in January 2011, ICL Media Review is a daily survey of international criminal news and developments which affect the international criminal tribunals and the status of international criminal law. ICL Media Review aims to provide its survey of news and events in a neutral and impartial manner.  ICL Media Review will also provide periodic summaries and analysis of recent decisions and judgments handed down by international courts and tribunals with the aim of supplying a neutral and helpful review of the decision by providing  a background, summary and analysis of the Chamber’s decision.

WHY? Developments in the courts that affect international criminal law happen quickly and are many times not advertised or are difficult to find. News about matters of international criminal law can be scattered. Therefore, ICL Media Review aims to make keeping up with the ever-changing body of international criminal law more easy. ICL Media Review will survey a broad range of news and media sources and bring them together in a central location that is easy to check.

HOW? Sources: All linked articles have been found on the web. The news provided in the linked articles is for informational purposes only. Views and opinions expressed in the linked articles are that of the authors of those articles or documents, and not of ICL Media Review. ICL Media Review does not take any credit for the creation or publications of these articles. The title of the link and the short summary of the article linked, which both appear on ICL Media Review’s posts, are a product of ICL Media Review.