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  • Trustee: Haydee Dijkstal (The Hague / London)

View More: http://mirjamvandenberg.pass.us/haydee-dijkstalHaydee Dijkstal is an attorney practicing international criminal law and human rights law before both international and domestic courts and tribunals.  Her practice has included work before the International Criminal Court, International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Special Court for Sierra Leone and the African Commission and African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights.  Haydee is currently a member of the legal team acting on behalf of the Government of the Comoros and victims for the case concerning the Gaza Freedom Flotilla before the ICC.  This work includes Alien Tort Statute, Torture Victim Protection Act and Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act litigation in US federal courts.  She is also a member of the defence team representing Abdullah Al-Senussi before the ICC, a member of the legal team advising the Tivoli Gardens Committee on international human rights and criminal law issues in Kingston Jamaica, and a member of the legal team bringing proceedings before the African Commission and African Court on behalf of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. Haydee received an LLM in Public International Law with a focus on international criminal law from George Washington University Law School in Washington DC, and a juris doctor degree from University of Wyoming College of Law.  She is called to the bar of the State of Illinois.  Haydee founded ICL Media Review in 2011.  She currently acts as a Trustee on ICL Media Review’s  charity board and is a contributing editor.

  • Trustee: Katharine Gibson (Washington DC)

KateA New York- and District of Columbia-licensed attorney, Kate has performed legal analyses and authored position papers for consideration by executives and decision makers including international criminal law justices and non-profit directors. Kate began her career as an Intern for the International Bar Association, and later Trial Chamber II of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. It was there that she met Ms. Dijkstal and cemented her passion for reporting on human rights and international justice.

Kate is currently a Management Consultant in the D.C. Metro Area, and serves as Acting Director of Contracting for a small Federal Consulting Firm. Recently, she and her team worked to identify and quantify the business value of health care investments, including analyzing relevant government agency policies, providing strategic recommendations, and advising leadership on new and evolving inter-agency data sharing and health care consolidation initiatives. She graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Law, where she actively supported initiatives and activities within the Frederick K. Cox Center, and Villanova University.

  • Trustee: Harriet Taylor (London)

HarrietHarriet Taylor is an international development consultant with over ten years of experience in management consultancy and technical assistance work for governments around the world, with a concentration on justice reform and good governance. She is currently based in London at Hulla & Co Human Dynamics, where she provides strategic guidance and oversight to the design and delivery of EU funded technical assistance projects. She has extensive field experience in Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, The Gambia, South Africa and Mozambique among others. Her interest in international criminal law stems from a stint in The Hague, where she worked as a a legal intern at the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, and as a legal associate at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.


Contributors, Assistant Contributors and Editors:

  • Contributing Editor: Haydee Dijkstal (The Hague / London)
  • Contributing Editor: Katharine Gibson (Washington D.C.)
  • Assistant Contributor: Vanessa Murphy (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Assistant Contributor: Margaux Lenormand (Dakar, Senegal)
  • Assistant Contributor: Beatrice Tesconi (Tunis, Tunisia)
  • Assistant Contributor:  Clementine Rendle (Geneva, Switzerland)

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