Crimes against Humanity

LRA fighters.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

19 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC hears Pros witness in Ongwen trial, and UK SC Belhaj Judgment dismisses act of state / immunity appeals

January 20, 2017

Ongwen trial begins with Prosecution witness on LRA structure: On Tuesday 17 January, the ICC trial against former Lord Resistance Army (LRA) Commander Dominic Ongwen resumed with the expert testimony of Tim Allen. Mr. Allen,… Read More ›

Former Romanian President, Ion Iliescu.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

17 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Ongwen trial resumes, and former Romanian Pres charged domestically with CAH

January 18, 2017

ICC Ongwen trial resumes with Prosecution case: Last December, opening statements were given by the Prosecution and victims in the Ongwen case. On 17 January, the trial resumed with the beginning of the Prosecution case. The… Read More ›

Aleppo.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

16 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – HRW calls ISIS Iraq bombings “CAH”, Kosovo indicts alleged former KLA leader for war crimes, Investigators find evidence of Syrian links to chemical weapons use, and Prosecution begins its case against Ongwen at ICC

January 16, 2017

HRW calls ISIS Iraq bombings “CAH,” calls for compensation: Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said that the recent car and suicide bombs in Baghdad by the Islamic State, which targeted crowded civilian areas including markets… Read More ›

Acquitted ICTY Accused, Ramush Haradinaj.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

11 November 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Haradinaj to appear in French court, Amnesty calls for CAR justice reform, ECCC expert testimony on human remains, investigation on Meas Muth finished, and EU fundings for African HRs

January 12, 2017

Haradinaj to appear in French court on Thursday on Serbian extradition request: Kosovo’s former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj is due to appear before a French court on Thursday 12th January to appeal his ongoing detention… Read More ›

Hissène Habré.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

10 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Habre appeal begins, Karadzic former adviser tried in Sarajevo

January 10, 2017

Appeal begins in Habre case before the Extraordinary African Chambers: On 9 January 2016, the hearings in the appeal trial of former Chad President Hissene Habre started before the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC), a special… Read More ›

Hissene Habre. Photo: The Guardian: Ibrahima Ndiaye/AP via Bing (CC).

9 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Habrè begins appeal against war crime conviction, Kosovo special prosecutor files charges against war crimes suspect, Sri Lanka’s mixed reaction to foreign advisors in war crimes investigations, and UN task force to develop strategy to combat sexual violence

January 9, 2017

Habrè starts appeal over war crimes conviction: On Monday, the legal team of Chad’s former leader Hisséne Habrè started the appeal against his life sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In May 2016,… Read More ›

Khieu Samphan.  Photo: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia via Flickr (CC).

6 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ECCC hears submissions on Samphan responsibility, and Serbia to request Haradinaj extradition

January 9, 2017

Samphan defence presents docs on responsibility; prosecution asserts participation: In proceedings before the ECCC in the case against accused’s Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea, documents were presented by the defence for Samphan regarding his individual… Read More ›

ICC Accused, Bosco Ntaganda.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

5 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC TC rejects Ntaganda jurisdiction challenge, Haradinaj arrested in France, Sri Lanka panel recommends int’l judges, and complaint submitted to ICC on Uganda crimes

January 5, 2017

ICC TC rejects Defence challenge of jurisdiction on 2 Counts in Ntaganda case: On 3 January 2017, the Trial Chamber of the ICC held that it has jurisdiction over counts 6 and 9 concerning the… Read More ›