Human Rights Violations

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18 May 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – IACHR on Brazil abuses, and ICC Trust Fund program in Côte d’Ivoire

May 18, 2017

Inter-American Court of HRs issues judgment on police abuses in Brazil: On 12 May, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) issued a ruling condemning Brazil for police violence and for failing to ensure justice… Read More ›

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

9 May 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC Prosecutor address UNSC on Libya

May 10, 2017

ICC Prosecutor addresses UN Security Council on Libya; raises crimes against migrants: On 9 May 2017, the ICC Prosecutor made a statement to the UN Security Council on the situation in Libya; noting with concern the… Read More ›

Child Soldier in the DRC.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

24 April 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Dutch trader convicted as accessory to war crimes in Sierra Leone Civil War; Human Rights Watch pens letter to Gambia regarding past crimes accountability; Former Interahamwe leader sentenced to life for genocide by Rwanda high court; UN finds evidence of additional mass graves in DRC; prompting possible ICC probe

April 24, 2017

Dutch trader convicted as accessory to war crimes in Sierra Leone Civil War: Guus Kouwenhoven, an international timber trader, has been convicted by the Dutch appeal court of being an accessory to war crimes for… Read More ›

Flag of Sri Lanka.  Photo: Dhammika Heenpella via Flickr (CC).

14 March 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Sri Lanka seeks more time for probe as TNA calls for int’l intervention

March 15, 2017

Sri Lanka seeks two more years for investigation after TNA insists on int’l mechanism:  On 13 March 2017, the Sri Lankan Governement has sought for a « two-year extension of the timeline for fulfilment of commitments… Read More ›

Germain Katanga.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

14 February 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Katanga domestic WC trial resumes, Beara dies in prison, ICC complaint on Australia immigration detention, Mercep WC sentence increased, and IHAT investigation to close

February 15, 2017

  Katanga appears in DRC military court for war crimes charges: On 10 February 2017, Katanga’s domestic military trial resumed. In this domestic trial, Katanga, along with six co-accused, is charged with “war crimes, crimes… Read More ›

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6 February 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – UN Human Rights Commissioner releases report on CAH against Rohingya; N. Korea senior leader removed amid corruption accusations; Amnesty to provide submission in legality of arms sales to Saudi Arabia

February 6, 2017

UN Human Rights Commissioner releases report on CAH against Rohingya: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has released a report indicating that the widespread human rights abuses against the Rohingya population by Myanmar’s… Read More ›

ICTY building. Photo: ICTY photos via Flickr (CC)

1 February 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – MICT orders release of Turkish judge, Serbian NGO on killings in Kosovo war, Amnesty report on Philippines and CAH, and Bosnian Serb indicted in Sarajevo for prisoner killings

February 1, 2017

MICT orders Turkey to release judge by 14 February: The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) has ordered Turkey to release MICT Judge Aydin Sefa Akay, whose ongoing detention in Turkey has frozen an appeals… Read More ›

Azimjan Askarov.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

25 January 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – LRA radio signaller evidence against Ongwen, submissions on reparations in Al-Mahdi case and Kyrgyzstan decision on life sentence of HR defender

January 25, 2017

ICC hears evidence from LRA radio signaller in Pros case against Ongwen: On 23rd January 2017 a former radio-signaller for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) delivered witness testimony in the case of The Prosecutor v… Read More ›