ICC Premanent Premises, The Hague. Photo: by ICL Media Review (rights reserved).

21 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Jordan asked for more info on Bashir immunity, Ntaganzwa domestic trial presents witnesses, Burundi Commission of Inquiry report, and communication to ICC for Palestine P.E.

September 21, 2017

ICC asks Jordan for further information about immunities argument for Bashir: On 18 September, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC issued a decision requesting Jordan to provide further information in relation to its failure to arrest… Read More ›

ICC Judges.  Photo: ICC via Flickr.

18 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC judicial candidates at panel discussion and Argentina gives sentences for CAH during ‘Dirty War’

September 19, 2017

CICC hosts panel discussion for ICC judicial candidates in The Hague:   On 18 September 2017, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court held panel discussions with the candidates in the upcoming ICC judicial elections.… Read More ›

Photo: blog.friendseat.com via Bing.

15 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Bensouda visit Colombia for Preliminary Examination evaluation

September 17, 2017

Bensouda concludes visit to Colombia for information on accountability in peace process: On September 13 2017, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has concluded a 4-day visit to Colombia. Coming nearly a year after the November 2016 peace agreement between… Read More ›

Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf Al Werfalli.  Photo: akhbarlibya.net via Bing (CC).

14 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURT – Bensouda renews call for Al-Werfalli arrest

September 14, 2017

ICC Prosecutor renews call for arrest of Libyan accused, Al-Werfalli: On 13 September, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda renewed her call for the immediate arrest of Libyan national Mahmoud al-Werfalli. On 15 August, Pre-Trial Chamber I… Read More ›

Thomas Lubanga.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

13 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC receives observations on reduction to Lubanga’s sentence and UK police to probe UAE torture

September 13, 2017

ICC to receive observations from DRC government on Art 110 reduction of Lubanga sentence: The Registry of the ICC has reported to the three appointed judges of the court’s Appeals Chambers that the government of… Read More ›

ICC Accused, Bosco Ntaganda.  Photo: heconversation.com via Bing (CC).

6 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC AC decides on right for ‘no case to answer’ motion, and testimony in S&S retrial

September 7, 2017

ICC AC upholds TC decision to deny Ntaganda right to file ‘no case to answer’: In the case of  The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda ongoing at the ICC, the Appeals Chamber has upheld Trial Chamber… Read More ›

ICC Premanent Premises, The Hague. Photo: by ICL Media Review (rights reserved).

5 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – UN Inquiry recommends ICC action of CAH in Burundi, Sri Lanka supports ambassador accused of WCs, US rejects appeal of ICTR genocidaire convict, and research conducted on rape motives.

September 6, 2017

UN Commission of Inquiry finds CAH in Burundi; recommends ICC action: On 5 September 2016, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi said it had “reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity have been… Read More ›

Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan.  Photo: GovernmentZA via Flickr (CC).

4 September 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ICC cooperation request to Kazakhstan

September 4, 2017

ICC requests Kazakhstan cooperation on Bashir travel: The ICC Pre-Trial Chamber has requested the Republic of Kazakhstan to cooperate in the arrest and surrender of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir should he enter its territory. Al-Bashir… Read More ›