Other domestic courts

Augustine Ngirabatware.  Photo: presstv.com via Bing.

21 June 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – MICT grants review of Ngirabatware conviction; Chea closing arguments; submissions on reparations in Al-Mahdi case, and conviction of MICT judge in Turkey

June 22, 2017

MICT grants review of conviction of Ngirabatware before ICTR: The UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT) has granted a request for review of the ICTR judgment in the case of The Prosecutor v. Augustin… Read More ›

ECCC. Photo: un.org via Bing

3 May 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ECCC closing statements in Case 002/02 shortened, arrest in Poland on Ukrainian crimes, IIIM to start work on Syrian crimes soon, Ugandan Gov lobbies on African Court direct access

May 3, 2017

ECCC trial reduced time for closing arguments in Case 002/02: In response to a request from the Prosecution in ECCC case 002/2 against Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan for crimes against humanity and genocide, the… Read More ›

Ramush Haradinaj.  Photo: lahaine.org via Bing (CC).

2 May 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – French court denies Serbia’s Haradinaj extradition request

May 2, 2017

French court denies Serbia’s request for Haradinaj’s extradition:  On 27 April a French court in Colmar decided against extraditing the former Prime Minister of Kosovo and current opposition leader, Ramush Haradinaj, to Serbia citing procedural… Read More ›

Hissene Habre.  Photo: afrofocus.com via Bing (CC).

27 April 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – EAC upholds conviction of Habre on appeal

April 27, 2017

Extraordinary African Chambers upholds conviction of Habre on appeal: On 27 April the Extraordinary African Chambers issued its judgment on appeal confirming the trial judgment which convicted the former Chadian leader for war crimes and life… Read More ›

Photo: srjnews.com via Bing.

28 March 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Spanish investigation into Syrian crimes, Bashir to attend Arab League summit and Cambodia / UN on ECCC funding

March 29, 2017

Ivory Coast court finds Simone Gbagbo not guilty of war crimes and CAH: A jury in Côte d’Ivoire’s highest criminal court has unanimously acquitted former Ivorian first lady Simone Gbagbo of war crimes and crimes… Read More ›

Benedicto Lucas García.  Photo: hngn.com via Bing.

8 March 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – trial in Guatemala for military officials, 5 charged w/ war crimes in Bangladesh, SA revokes ICC withdrawal

March 9, 2017

  Guatemalan judges send 5 military officers to trial for illegal detention, torture, sexual violence and enforced disappearance: A Guatemalan Judge has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to try five senior military officers for… Read More ›

UN - "No Guns".  Photo: David Ohmer via Flickr (CC).

3 March 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Germany arrests 2 for war crimes, and UN report finds war crimes by both sides.

March 3, 2017

Two arrested in Germany for war crimes while fighting for al-Nusra: On 2 March, German authorities arrested two Syrian citizens suspected of being members of the extremist Nusra Front, one of whom allegedly was involved in the killing… Read More ›

Aleppo.  Photo: english.al-akhbar.com via Bing (CC).

17 February 2017 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – new UN investigation into Syria, and Swedish court give life sentence for Syrian crimes

February 17, 2017

UN setting up new unit to investigate crimes in Syria:  A new investigative unit will be established by the UN to “analyse information, organise and prepare files on the worst abuses that amount to international… Read More ›