ECCC. Photo: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia via Flickr.

3 December 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ECCC testimony on purges, probe into French military during in Rwanda genocide and Mladic closing statements

December 5, 2016

ECCC hears testimony on motives for purges: On Friday 2 December 2016, witness Sing Oeng gave testimony before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) in the trial against accuseds Khieu Samphan and… Read More ›

Khieu Samphan.  Photo: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia via Flickr (CC).

23 November 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – ECCC Supreme Court delivers appeal judgment, US Extradition of Croatian woman, UN HRC appoints Commissioners for Inquiry on Burundi, Meeting on N. Korea human rights, Rwandan Catholic Church issues genocide apology, and African Court reaffirms jurisdiction

November 24, 2016

ECCC Supreme Court Chamber delivers appeal judgment in Case 002/01 against Chea and Samphan: The Supreme Court Chamber of the ECCC has delivered its judgment in the appeal cases of Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan… Read More ›

South Sudan Rebels loyal to Riek Machar in Lankien, South Sudan, Jan 23, 2014. Photo: Jerome Starkey via Flickr (CC).

14 November 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – UN Envoy warns of South Sudan plunging into ethnic war, Dutch extradition of Rwandan suspects accused of involvement in 1994 genocide, and Bosnian prosecutor investigates former Croatian army members for war crimes

November 14, 2016

UN Envoy warns political conflict in South Sudan could escalate into ethnic war: During his visit to South Sudan on Friday, the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide warned that the country is… Read More ›

Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

28 September 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Bemba defence doc in support of appeal, Munyakazi deported from US to Rwanda, center for evidence of N Korea crimes opens

September 28, 2016

Public redacted version of document in support of appeal: Today the public redacted version of the Defence’s “Document in Support of Appeal” was released in the ICC’s case of The Prosecutor v. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo,… Read More ›

Sudanese President Bashir.  Photo: openDemocracy via Flickr (CC).

18 July 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Bashir travels to AU Summit and ICT Bangladesh issues sentences for 8

July 19, 2016

Bashir travels to Rwanda for summit with assurance of no ICC warrant arrest: On Saturday, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir travelled to Rwanda to attend the 27th African Union Summit in Kigali, in defiance of two ICC… Read More ›

European Court of Human Rights.  Photo: via Bing (CC).

23 May 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Bashir seek travel to the US, ECHR suit for MH17 victims, Rwanda and war crimes extradition, and Bosnia war crimes charges

May 24, 2016

Bashir applies for US visa to attend UN GA despite ICC arrest warrant: The Sudanese presidency has reported that President Omar Al-Bashir has applied for a United States visa in order to attend the next… Read More ›

Jean-Pierre Bemba.  Photo:  ICC via Flickr.

19 May 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Bemba sentencing hearing, Simone Gbagbo won’t be transferred, Serbia acquits 10 of hiding Mladic and won’t extradite 3 for Seselj contempt charges; and more

May 20, 2016

  Bemba defense asks for short sentence at ICC sentencing hearing while Prosecution asks for 25 years: Judges at the ICC heard arguments from the prosecution and defense regarding former Congolese Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba’s sentencing.… Read More ›

Kenyan High Court.  Photo: Ting Chen via Flickr (CC).

21 April 2016 – NEWS ABOUT THE COURTS – Kenyan Government unwilling to transfer 3 to ICC; Kenya calls for ICC withdrawal; and Rwanda concerned over ICTR transfer to France

April 22, 2016

  Kenyan Government set to refuse transfer of 3 to ICC for contempt charges: The Kenyan Government in Nairobi said it will not transfer three people who are wanted by The ICC for contempt charges… Read More ›